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one of the four elements of hip hop: rapping, breaking, graff writing, and DJing.

I was about to waste a whole lot of breath on explaining the tradition of rapping to ignorant people, as I am often tempted to do, but then I read some of these other comments/definitions and reminded myself that i was dealing with close-minded inbred hillbillys
Ronnie: "Bunnie go n get me a beer Nascars on!!"
Bunnie: "Screw ya damn beers, Connie's in her bedroom listenin to that damn thump thump music again!!"
Ronnie: " That god f'saken jungle music again!? why I oughta..

Connie: " Yo check it yo heres another smooth song, so get your groove on
Violate or try to fake, jacks or you will get moved on
Peace to all my niggaz with the thousand dollar shoes on
Pushing rides with four lift minks with gator shoes on
I am known for rockin tours, picture me moppin floors
Only fuck with ki's and not the kind that be locking doors
The type of nigga that be gaming your freaks
While you out working hard I am putting stains in your sheets
Exportin coochie and guccy thats my duty
Fuck a big booty, groupie need a fruity, cutie, hootchie with lots of loot g
This goes out to my niggaz uptown, downtown, midtown across town and out of town
I be the mic horker, rap enforcer
Native New Yorker, slick talker, beat walker stalker
You remember me when I put it on with the kid capri
Mr. MVP is back to take over the industry (Big L)
My cash flow don't get low it just increase
Who ever try to take mines rest in peace
I keep a stoned look, peace to every known crook
Now thows who go to jail and can't hold their own they come home shook
On 139 and lennox niggaz are bananas, we got bad manners
Cops can't stand us thats why they try to jam us
But I hate jakes they mad cause I make pap's
I am large like the great lakes, with drug spots in eight states
I'm chillin makin sure this money is right
Sippin sunny delite and hittin every honey in site
And I wanna smoke pataki and rudolph julie like a wooley
I keep a tooley for any moody who act fooley
What I resite be taking hours to write
So if you bite then tell your man what type of flowers you like
So bloodshed aiiyo my mellow my nigga
Get on the mic and pull the mc trigger"

#nas #biggie #jay-z #2pac #big l #talib kweli #ghostface #raekwon #az #odb #eminem #gang starr
by Lamont Coleman 139destroy October 24, 2008
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