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People from the age of 15 to 30 who belive they are cooler than everyone else. Dismisses things that have become a bit mainstream like The Killers or The Shins not because they think there bad, but because other people like them.

Now a days there are two types of hipsters.

1. Emoish kids who allways wear black and bright, neon coloured clothes that they have both and then cut up them selfs.Have funny haircuts in either
really whitish blond,black or neon colours or all three. Often listens to heavy metal, so called emo music or japanese rock. They also used to listen to Tokio Hotel.

2. Buys most clothes at thift stores and dresse in skinny jeans, t-shirts or tight plad shirts. If you talk about a band to them they will either know about it or pretend to know about it. Arrogant over other people.

Note: If you wear Bob Dylan t-shirt and skinny jeans and think tahat most of the post about hipster resebels you but you still like The Shins you are not a hipster, just a person.

1.Non-hipster: The Killers are great.

Hipster: No, everybody likes them, they are so unoriginal.

by Lalaland92 July 10, 2008

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