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A douche bag has the typical douche bad faux-hawk, of course. He tries to impress everyone with a large vocabulary of words, and he also thinks that because of this he is better than everyone else. He is the most metrosexual male you will ever meet, and he claims that he ISN'T GAY. Nothing wrong with being gay, boys. Just come out with it already. He also has only one goal: get into as many girl's pants as possible.
Girl #1: Dude, that guy is SUCH a douche bag.
Girl #2: The one over there with the faux-hawk and the v-neck tank top?
Girl #1: Yes! He tried to impress me by bragging about his large endowment, which supposedly runs in the family.

Girl #2: What a douche. Smh.
by LaineAnn June 21, 2011

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