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Giving your approval. Thumbs up. Or to say, you are doing well. Decent, but not great. Just, whatever.
Okay, you caught me, that was me doing drugs on the corner of fifth and park.
by Laily...O:-) July 08, 2005
The coolest girl you will ever know.
Pure awesomeness.
And all will love her.
"The great and fabulous Laily was praised by her line of desiring men."
by Laily...O:-) November 08, 2004
As if to say "fuck" or "god damn it," just, in French.
FRENCH GIRL:Sacre bleu. That taxi cab just ran over my foot.
FRENCH WOMAN: But of course.
by Laily...O:-) July 08, 2005
I indeed made up this phrase. It WILL hit the streets faster than "that's hot." Just you wait. So, meaning, in an excessive amount, and cal, short for california. So California (since that is the coolest state, and one of the largest, many things just ARE california. Thanks for your time.
L: God damn those sunglasses. I've never seen them in the streets of Bethesda.
L2: That's because they're so cal. And cal is way farther than bethesda. it's gotta get here. chill out L1!!!! CHRIST.
L: Hook me up wif a pair of dooose shades!
L2: Time for some meds. MEDS ARE SO CAL.
by Laily...O:-) June 28, 2005

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