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A name derived from French origins - Often mixed with some Irish. Mocked for it's girlish qualities, this male name is unique. Most Jean-Michel's are made up from a lethal pinch of awesomeness with a dash of arrogance ; a man with an extremely large and dangerous . . . . . . smile. They know how to use their brain's, but it is non applicable when intoxicated, which is more often than not. Dating these men are like taking a chance in a Raffle, you win some ... you loose some. Enjoy and drink up, these bad boys will never mate for life.
person 1 - " i suck, i can't do anything."

person 2 - "i know, you should be more like jean-michel."

person 1 (running away screaming in fits of tears) -"Ahhhhhhhhhh. . I'll just never be that awesome. . ahhhhhhhh "
by Lady in Pearls August 13, 2010

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