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1. excrement; feces.
2. an act of defecating

When "My Humps," by Black Eyes Peas was release people had a large misconstruction of the word. The true meaning of the word is hidden in the lyrics. The song states "What you gon' do with all that ass?
All that ass inside them jeans?" Fergie does not answer the question. Fergie then makes statements on how she's going to make them scream. Because of what her "Hump"(Ass) is going to do. She continues to mumble until she finally answers what she is going to do with her "Hump"(ass), "my lovely lady lumps (Check it out)." She stated that she is going to take her "Lovely lady lumps"(lovely Shit) with her ass. She then tells the person to look at the floaters in the toilet.

Many fools go off on a tangent and
1. "Man, I need to drop my lady lumps quick."
2. "Fuck, I dropped my lady lumps nasty last night."
3. "Those tacos made my lady lumps not so lovely"
4. "That nasty bitch Janet, took her lady lumps at my house"
by Lacocacolaman May 07, 2009

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