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Pepper is the awesomely cool girlfriend of Salt]. She is beautiful, energetic, and full of spunk. But don't get her angry. She'll flame you faster than a nazi at a book burning. D:
Pepper's beauty and grace was surpassed by no other woman. :)
by Labtech X March 14, 2005
A user on Gaia Online known for his amazing personality and charm. A comedic guy who gets along with pretty much anybody. To find him, check the Avatar Talk subforum. He is the boyfriend of Pepper] and the best friend of Oregano].
"Salt stopped by and amazed me with his awesomeness."
by Labtech X March 14, 2005
Oregano is the awesomely cool best friend of Salt]. Together the two make an odd, but hilarious team. He has an amazing sense of humor and is also a great fella all around. He can be found in his natural suroundings in the Avatar Talk subforum of Gaia Online.
Oregano wowed the room with his brilliance.
by Labtech X March 14, 2005

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