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commercially manufactured noise to attract and identify teens with no musical taste and the need to fit in.
Record Exec 1: How can we market to ignorant douche bags with the no taste in music.

Record Exec 2: We can get a band to play the worst elements of all pop music for the past 15 years and wear a mixture of all the current trendy clothes. Then we will just pay myspace to promote them as the next big thing, kids wont be able to resist.

Record Exec 1: But how will we get anyone pathetic enough to do that

Record Exec 2: Have them wear Masks?.. We can call them Hollywood Undead, kinda sounds like a vh1 reality show

Record Exec 1: Excellent
#hollywood #undead #sucks #band #worst #douche #charlie scene
by Label Informant February 01, 2009
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