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A gear bar or duffel frequently carried by police. The contents of the bag can include extra ammo, snack food, a sweater, or any other equipment that supplements the cops issued gear, makes his work more comfortable, or prepares him for that unknown encounter that most cops fear. Probably from the spanish word "trique" which loosely translates to stuff.
1. The smiling border patrolman reached into his tricky bag and tossed the starving wetbacks a MRE.
2. "Rookie, your first job each day is to pick out a good vehicle with a working A/C and good times radio and park it near the building so I don't have to carry my tricky bag very far."
3. I am ready for an ambush because my tricky bag contains 200 rounds of ammo and a hand grenade my brother-in-law smuggled off post.
by La Migra November 20, 2005

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