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A synthpop band hip enough for hipsters but nerdy enough for nerds, Freezepop are back with a new batch of songs that you won’t be able to get out of your head.
Ah! I freaking love Freezepop!
by la di da May 06, 2005
Wow I agree with the definition above me!
Okay but anyways, boys night out also can mean a bunch of boys going out having a night on the town. Sometimes boys night out is a bunch of drunk guys with no girlfriend. Then there are guys with stupid girlfriends and they are just doing it to make the girlfriends jelous or worried. Then for the older men is just a game of poker or whatever they do!
Guy 1: Hey man! Boys night out!
Guy 2: Yeah okay cool do0d
Guy 1: Oh and BYOB
Guy 2: Dude that fucking sucks! I'm out
by la di da May 06, 2005
Another term for poop or shit
"I'm squeezing out a backdoor brownie from my ass!"
by La Di Da September 05, 2004
A type of dance that is very spiffy
yo hes good at the robot!
by la di da May 06, 2005

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