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A party with alcohol. Common variations include: Being in the beanhouse (Being drunk) and bean (an alcoholic drink). Heavily referenced in the LOO$E CHANGE song "Welcome to the Beanhouse"
"It's ya boy GLO, Beanhousin, gettin loose and wild
Silly man, silly water, gettin crazy, wildchild"

"Hey dude, wheres your girl? She's comin to my beanhouse"
by LOO$E CHANGE August 25, 2007
This highly influential Southington rap group carved their way into the rap game with both their first album, Breach of Peace, and multiple beefs with Crackers Inc., Jilt, AA, and SKG. Their next album, rumored to be entitled NOI$E POLLUTION is expected fall/winter 2007
"Yo Tyrone, have you heard new dat new Jilt joint?"
"Nahh, but only cuz I don't like gays. Did you hear that new LOO$E CHANGE banger though?"
"Hell ya bitch"
by LOO$E CHANGE August 25, 2007
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