1 definition by LOLibitchaboutyouonUD

okay,so friend means forever doesn't it ? no matter how many fall outs you have youll always be tight as arse cheeks, but what if you fall out and one thing leads to another then ones in flood buckets and stuff ?

your friend tells you they try their hardest,but it shouldnt be hard to be a friend,it should be the easiest thing in the world,your friend,the person you share most intrest with.its over, do you say sorry first etc;; but then you get threatend by someone close to them. you dont back down,you dont give into this raging electric friend.
does it make things worse or not?

i dont want to say sorry first but i regret sayin all the shit i said,so im sorry.
by LOLibitchaboutyouonUD August 21, 2010

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