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90 people die from Swine Flu and everyone wants to wear a mask. Millions of people die from AIDS and nobody wants to wear a condom.
Swine flu is just like any other fucking flu. Get over yourselves.
by LOL DANIELLE May 09, 2009
The act of vommitting in your mouth excessively.
by LOL DANIELLE April 22, 2009
The gay American Idol contestant who will be straight as an arrow after I get through with him ;)
Adam Lambert can serenade me anyday.
by LOL DANIELLE April 22, 2009
If I hear the term "Go Green!" one more time I will rip my hair out. Remember back in the '70s, when they said there was going to be a huge ice age? Hmmm, look what happened. There wasn't an ice age. Remember back in 2009 when all the democrats and uneducated idiots got all hyped up about global warming and all of the polar bears dying and the world eventually coming to an end? What a bunch of ignorant followers, eh?
I'll be laughing in your face when global warming proves to be a natural thing and nothing out of the ordinary happens.
by LOL DANIELLE April 22, 2009
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