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The perfect, literal example of a piece of shit. This is the absolute worst computer component ever conceived by the hands of man. Sure, it LOOKS good with 2.4-2.7 Gigaherz of speed, but its insanely small L1 and L2 cache, not to mention the INCREDIBLY slow FSB, Celerons are useless. There is lag time for even the most little of tasks. Even though Celerons are made for people who are not computer-savvy and who just like to email and surf the web and do Microsoft Word and stuff, they aren't even good at doing that! Fuck Intel for making it.
Leroy: "Hey, I want a cheap computer. I'm thinking of getting a Celeron processor."

Hugh: "I've had one for 2 1/2 years so far. I've been saving up for a while to get a REAL computer. Trust me, opening FireFox gives me 100% CPU usage and incredible lag time. "More than one application running at a time with ease"? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH. Yeah, switching between Windows Media Player 11 and FireFox gives me (again) 100% CPU usage and lag. Want to play games? Well, fuck. That's too bad for you. It can't handle StarCraft (8 years old), WoW, or even Call of Duty. "Counter-Strike Source"? Oh, my God. You can play CSS.... if you like 9 frames per second on EVERY FUCKING LEVEL."

Leroy: "Damn... I'd be better off with a Pentium 2"

Hugh: "From now on, don't ever mention Intel products to me.... ever. Just go with AMD."
by LOL, Internet August 17, 2006
1. (v) When a black man or man of African descent takes a massive shit while giving, receiving, and witnessing a rimjob.

2. (n) Euphemism for Really big 'rhoids.
1. Yeah, those faggots did the Big Q last night.

2. Man, that guy has the Big Q.
by LOL, Internet August 27, 2006

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