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Girls from Garden City, Long Island that are really hot and have great bods and sick ass cars. "Daddy's girls", a few have trust funds. They get into fights alot and cause alot of drama too. They like football and lacrosse players and love to party... HARD.
Garden city girls are hot and bitches
#hot #rich #slut #bitch #garden city
by LO/LC November 26, 2005
Town on long island where the richest and best people live!! With 9 pairs of seven jeans and the best clothing!Also has kick ass sports teams!! including the best football and lacrosse teams on long island! also with the hotteset guys and girls! there are also sick cars and sick parties!!
I live in a mansion in Garden City.
#rich #hott #party #lax #footbal
by LO/LC November 26, 2005
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