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the worst attempt for a comedy show in a long time. they try way to hard to be funny and it's just sad. their all very bad actors. people who watch iCarly are either ages 3-10, or don't know comedy.
carly: "blah blah blah, i overreact to everything!"
sam: "my whole family's in jail, so i can i sleep here tonight?"
fred: "i'm sutch a dweeb, why am i even part of iCarly?"
by LML Money July 16, 2010
anyone with a mullet, plaid muscle-vest, john deere tracktor for a car, or someone who feeds there dog achohol. they are usualy uneducated, live in a trailerpark, and they may have a southern accent. basicaly another name for a redneck.
guy1: see that guy over there with the def lepard tattoo and mullet?
guy2: yah, what a Joe Dirt.
by LML Money July 15, 2010
Mostly green, sometimes sticky, aregono looking substance. much apprectated by pot-heads. come's in many different types and foarms (ex. purple, brown widow, hydro, orange kush...). all of witch have different potentcies of THC (what gets you high). weed is sold by the gram (dime=.10=$10, dub=.20=$20, a forty=.40=$40...). you can smoke it out of many things (pipe, bong, steam roller, joints...).
guy1: "hey man, you have any weed?"
guy2: "yah, lets go smoke."
(a sort time later...)
guy1: "man i am so high right now"
guy2: "back at ya bro."
by LML Money July 16, 2010

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