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someone who is agaisnt sexualality; thats sex should only come in marriage; or even is scared when they see or think about sex or any sexual contact; sometimes they reject anything vowel like drugs or anything bad; a nun can pretty much be like a pussy
Bob, Leo, Ed are watching tv when the flip a chanel to a porno;
Leo is the nun...

Bob: "maan theres nothing to fucking watch tonight"
Ed: "give me the remote let me see whats on, daamn Naugty Teacher"

*changes chanel*
Leo" * covers eyes and ears *; " FUCKING CHANGE THE CHANEL MAN THATS SHITS NASTY!!"
Bob: "what a fucking nun..."

Carly and Tom are on a hot date together alone on a beach
they havent kissed yet; tonights the night to make the move Tom;
too bad Tom's the nun and is too scared to kiss the poor girl
by LMAOMANG March 13, 2010

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