22 definitions by LINDAR

a place where you can buy a toilet because Paris
Hilton sat on it.
I bought 1 of Sylvester Stallones nosehairs off E bay.
This is a sicko world,have a nice day
by LINDAR May 29, 2006
often checked in and out of
"Have you checked into the Paris Hilton lately?"
"Who hasn't"
by LINDAR May 27, 2006
a softness of the bones causing great pain
Drink milk so that you have calcium and don;t develop rickets, dude!
by LINDAR June 02, 2006
someone who has 2 names in case she forgets one of them
Anna Nicole Smith went totally wacko at the MTV awards
and even started stripping
by LINDAR June 02, 2006
see shitty
as gross as crap
this is a crappy definiton
by LINDAR May 27, 2006
a heartless and conniving type of cruelty with intentions to destroy
She has an evil sister
by LINDAR May 27, 2006
to go totally mental
;to pull a Tom
"Now now settle down, don't go " jumping the couch.."
by LINDAR May 27, 2006

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