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Shevella ;A very rare girls name, scarcely containing no etymological elements common to most names of historical origin. Perhaps its origin began as Vella or Velia which comes from the Roman family name Velius which possibly means "Concealed" in Latin.
combined with the english pronoun for a female. She-Vella. (Her Hidden motives) or She Hides something.
A very pretty name it seems fit for an angel. yet so strange how its avoided almost so completely it must have been given a repulsive reputation by the majority of so named.
Shevella do you wanna, do you want to be my angel.
by LGitsnotjustU April 10, 2005
A woman who lovingly comes on to a man or woman or both at the same time sweet as can be for the excitement of having raunchy sexual relations. Nymphomaniac that is on two kinds of medications. Depression pills for the depression and Methamphetamin for the Mania all at the same time. Nonstop sexual fantasizing prefering multipal partners at a same time. Psychopolymaniacs cannot remember the people they have sex with and cannot enjoy anything more than a one night stand.
No Dude I'm telling you I just fucked the nakad bitch in that room and the Psychopolymaniac kicked me out for trying to peep her after I fucked her.
by LGitsnotjustU April 11, 2005

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