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When a person really likes something that is especially cool. A combination of "flip your lid" and "let your freak flag fly".
September 27, 2011, Stephen Colbert posted on Facebook,

"Hello all you lucky people in magic computer land. Get ready to flip your freak with more Radiohead."
by LDQueen September 27, 2011
The adoption of trends through the use of props, mostly bought together, such as hoodies, knit brim caps and jeans- or leggings, UGGS and earflap hats.

Can also be used when specific groups of people move into into an established neighborhood, as in urban influx or urban development.
"Hey man, with that new hat, jeans and hoodie you got on, it looks like you got all Trend-O-Matic at Target today."

"Oakland has changed, man. A bunch of trendsters who moved from SF when the economy tanked. Lot's of hoodies, tattoos and baby strollers. This used to be a totally cool neighborhood. Now it's Trend-O-Matic."
by LDQueen December 28, 2011
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