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9 definitions by LAW

1. Colloquial term for the penis.
2. An idiot. Similar to referring to someone as a cock, prick...etc
1. I have a fat dong.
2. Dave is a right dong!
by Law July 10, 2004
Someone who wears sunglasses at night. Comes from the X-Men cartoon, the word describes Cyclop's optical blast noise.
R.C. is the biggest beauzhit
by Law April 11, 2005
Fictosexuality is the sexual attraction towards fictional characters.
Guy: hey, do you know Wendy?
Girl: isn't she fictosexual?
Guy: yeah, she has a crush on that guy L from death note
by LaW December 31, 2013
big dick, small brain
Man, that joon baik really cant satisfy woman nor man
by Law May 17, 2003
A 1337 Person, Was Born 1337 and Always 1337. A nazi, dreaming of taking over the world and burning his enemies in Auschwitz. Likes playing video games on his uber computer.
Look its the famous Entram!
by Law October 28, 2004
The art of being heavily intoicated - past the point of being mashup
Rah! That geezer's bishup!!
by Law July 10, 2004
two niggas who grow up together like brothers and nobody can break them apart like a gang with only two niggas
Law and Duke are in a family gang 2deep
by Law February 19, 2005