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To present an incident in a particularly slanted or biased manner. Originated from the game of pool, wherein if one shoots the ball from the side to put “spin” on the ball, it will go into the desired hole. To properly “Spin” a story, one should employ a “Spin Doctor”.

“Spin Doctors” are frequently used by politicians to help write a slanted story which presents a “fact” in a far different way than most people would see it, had it been told directly and honestly.
Arnold Schwarzenegger hired spin doctors to write a response to the accusation that he groped women.
by LA Mac October 20, 2003
1)Worked up, aggitated or upset. In state of high anxiety.

2) Under the influence of a drug which produces a state of high anxiety, aggitation or upset
1)That girl was all spun up over nothing and I told her to relax.

2) I dropped X last night and got all spun up.
by LA Mac October 21, 2003
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