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This Is Your Fucking Guide To Be Emo.

First Off, Dye Your Hair Black, An Extra Color Would Be Best, If Not, Black, Plain Black, Yeah.

If Your A d00d, Go Get Yourself Some Girls Skinny Jeans, Tightest Fit. You Can Suck It It, You Don't Eat In Front Of People!

Converse Is Necessary.

Don't Smile Often.

Nail Polish Is A Plus.
Bracelets, And Fingerless Gloves Are A Plus.

NO HOLLISTER ; AMERICAN EAGLE; AEROPOSTALE. or any of that preppy shit.
Shop At Hot Topic; Spencers; And FYE. It'll get you far.

OH, And EYELINER. A Boatload of Eyeliner, Don't Leave The House Without It. Never. Never Ever Ever.

KAY! Now you need the additude.

Have A Myspace, Make Sure It's Not Very Colorful.
Take ALOT Of Pictures. Quote All Your Favorite Emo Bands.

So make sure you listen to emo bands, like My Chemical Romance, Escape The Fate, Hawthorne Heights, And The Used. Without Good Taste In Music, You'll Be Called A Fake.

Only hang out with other Emos. Its like, a rule.

HAIRFLIP!!!!!! Most Iportant/Fun Thing You Need To Do, Flip Ya Hair! (But make sure it still covers one eye!)

Skateboarding is a plus.
So is playing guitar, bass, or the drums.

Use Smileys Like, :3, ^-^, xD

Don't do good in school either, You can skip and be all mysterious.

If Someone Asks You Whats Wrong, Answer "Everything"
Never Explain Yourself.
Act Miserable.

Oh, And MOSH, like a fucking PRO.

Your All Set, You Little Emo.
Emo Kid #1: OMFG Are You Giong To The MCR Concert?!
Emo Kid #2: HELLL YYEAAHH! i'm ready to mosh like theres no tomorrow!
Emo Kid #1: Me Toooo! xD
by L7WEENIE!xD December 23, 2009
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