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Like the Catholic Church, but with better beards.
Priest 1- I wish I could grow an awesome beard like that Eastern Orthodox priest

Priest 2- Ya. We still get cooler hats though.

Priest 1- True dat
#greek orthodox #orthodox #eastern rite #eastern catholic #byzantinan rite
by L. Marshall January 31, 2010
A demonically possessed corpse, contrary to popular culture. They can appear in any way, not just a tall Romanian gentleman. They are super humanly strong and smarter than most, along with overall enhanced abilities. They can be countered with religious icons, roses, holy water, silver, garlic and other such objects.
Twilight is a lie. Vampire's aren't anything like that.
#vampire #twilight #demon #vampyre #vamp
by L. Marshall June 11, 2009
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