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1. Personal declaration of sainthood.
2. All utterances of a goodthanker
Phil:"Hey mate, how you doing?"

Dave:"I'm good, thanks."
by L. Awknad March 10, 2005
A muppet in love. Most commonly used with reference to a member of the male gender. Describes a guy who has become entirely wrapped around a girl's finger in serf-like fashion, and as a result displays pathetic, incoherent, twat-like behaviour in all other areas of his puppeteered existence...and yet is regrettably oblivious to the fact.
"Ever since he started dating her, Paul's turned into a right love muppet"
by L. Awknad March 10, 2005
1. Being put down in a most vicious yet amusing manner, leading to "ground please swallow-me-up-and-let-me-die" embarrassment.
2. Getting cussed big-time
"You got blasted, man!"
by L. Awknad March 10, 2005
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