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A sket is a word for a bitch who is more sluttier than a whore. A sket will have sex for anything...e.g.. money,drugs.
Skets giv out free blowjobs....&&.....are fucCin filled up wiff HiV/Aids....
dhass why dheyy asss''s hav free mu-fukin sex......
Nabelah Ahmed sket
Slapper sket
Slag sket
Ho' Bag
Cheap Prosstitute
Puzzy Asz Hoez
Dirty HIV Gurl/Boy
by L-dizzle baebee January 06, 2009
a man should be taller than his gurl/boo/baby mama/gurlfriend....
so he calls the gurl 'shawdy'...shorty]

Shawdy wassup wiff ya..??..
by L-dizzle baebee January 06, 2009

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