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A synonym for asshole.
The man's got his hand up my nitty nizzo.
by L'il ignant dago November 08, 2003
The state or condition of working at Apo-bait Pharmaceuticals. Coined by the infamous Ali!!
How can I focus on regulatory affairs and clinical development when I'm surrouned by so much bait?
by L'il ignant dago July 04, 2003
Only Italians can be ginos. Where the hell do you think the name Gino came from? Everyone else (cakers, greek, persian and portuguese are just biters). You guys can be Yiorgos, Asifs and Domingos but not ginos. Stop trying to co-opt our culture.
Pino, Lino and Tino were true solid ginos.
by L'il ignant dago November 19, 2005

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