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A pretzel (rod) with ez cheese (preferrably Cheddar) slopped on top in a linear fashion.
Would you like more jeremy for your maggio?

Stop eatin all the maggio, we have more jeremy's left.
by L'Willis March 08, 2005
A shocker that lasts for an extended period of time Usually followed by a watery ending.
It's like a hot shocker with a watery ending.
I'd like to give her a hot shocker.
by L'Willis November 11, 2004
Breaking a glass door with your handtruck.
What happened to the door?
The UPS driver busted a renee today.
by L'Willis March 10, 2005
Where there are no paper towels left in the bathroom at work and the UPS driver uses the brown kraft paper to dry his hands.
"We are out of paper towels"
"Thats ok, just bust a renee"

I'm too lazy to open a roll of paper towels so im just going to bust a renee.
by L'Willis March 10, 2005
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