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Denmark, is a quiet country. Not everybody are racists! In fact, there aint many. Though of the Mohamed drawings wich should never had been published!

In Denmark, we do often eat sausages (populair called "langelaender poelser" It means long sausages). My dad do often watch football in the tv while he is eating "langelaendere", drinking beer, and the neighbor is comeing over for some yelling at the bad football players.

Girls are goodlooking! Thin and many blonds :) But watch out boys, cause there are many FAKE BLONDS!

People are nice to each other, and though we dont know each other, most people say hi if you meet this person on the street and get eyecontact. Well, some dont respond or dont care.. But people are nice :)
Mr. Hansen: "Hi you! Dont you live on the other side of the road? Yeah, thought i've seen you before. How's your sisters baby?" ..- This is the kind of kindnees wich is very natural asking stuff like that. We are like this in Denmark.
by Lærke April 12, 2007

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