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1 definition by Kylie H

Richmond, BC- A western municipality of the Greater Vancouver area located on a very flat island with the river on two sides and ocean on the other. Historically a quaint fishing town with a seaside village located at the south end of town. A truly picturesque setting with lots of West-coast and Japanese-inspired architecture...one of those places where there are no bad parts of town.

Enter the immigrants. The quaint fish-and-chips village turns into bustling city with 80 condo towers, with dozens more under construction, and many Asian malls. About half the restaurants, (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) in Vancouver are in Richmond. The night market is also here.

Yes, the Asians account for 60% of the residents here and outside of city hall they are a dominating presence that you cannot avoid. Everywhere you will see high school FOBS rolling around in their beamers and beeping their cell phones.

Richmond has fast become the most favored suburb in the GVRD and hated by eastern municipalities that never get any attention...vast majority of the Olympic budget is slated for Richmond (Canada line, speed skating oval). This fair city is also located next to the island airport of YVR and is a 20 minute drive from downtown Vancouver.

Residents generally have some extra money and can access many recreational activities close at hand, including biking, swimming, skating, yoga, kayaking, whale watching, beachcombing...so it isn't surprising that Richmond is the healthiest city in Canada with a mean life expectancy of 84 years!

Despite its great location and all its amenities, Richmond is still a flood plain and housing prices are still relatively cheap compared to Vancouver. A family moving here can still afford a decent house for under $700,000. Yes, a mere 700k, that's how we talk in BC.
In Richmond I live by the ocean in peace and can hear the sounds of seagulls in the warm breezy air.
by Kylie H November 04, 2006