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1 definition by Kyle and collin

refers to west chester, OH. A small boring town just north of cincinnati OH where many rich white middle school and high school kids walk around with popped collars, jeans at their knees, and sideways trucker hats and hang out at the local theater thinking they are the shit. In reality the "dub c" is really just a boring town full of the ones we call wiggers.
**Throws football and almost hits middle school wigger**

"yo dawg, what the f**k u doin?"

"sorry about that"

"u best be sorry homie, me and my dawgs will run ur ass outta the dub c!"

**high school kids laugh at them**

**middle school wiggers get picked up by mommy in the family van**

**high school kids laugh harder**
by Kyle and collin May 31, 2005
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