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Any dark skinned person whos ancestors were originally from a country with a large desert/wasteland such as Egypt and other Middle Eastern and North African countries.
Look at that guy with the turban what a dune coon
by Kyle Harris January 04, 2006
It routes from the word "Cop". It's pretty much like when a cop frisks you, they are touching you without consent. So when someone cops a feel they simpily feel someone up with out consent. The urban version only implies the feeling of genitalia and breast regions. It usually happens in crowded areas.
I'm going to cop a feel at this rave and get a handful of tiggle bitties from some broad
by Kyle Harris January 03, 2006
Used to describe First Nations People in an offensive way. In the days of colonialism when colonies such as Spain France and the United Kingdom migrated to North and Central American they conflicted with the Native peoples which resulted with teh Natives burning the mirgating colonies wagons to cut off their supplies.
You stupid Wagon Burner
by Kyle Harris January 03, 2006
A stovepipe or a stover is a white women who sleeps with black men.
She slept with that black guy she's such a stovepipe
by Kyle Harris January 03, 2006

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