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3 definitions by Kyle Cyrus

Plads is a word that means, something bad or something very un-pleasant, Plads is a word for kids, that they can say without getting in trouble, because it is not a bad word, it means something bad or un-pleasant
-That plads

-oh man this plads

-there such plads
by Kyle Cyrus March 21, 2009
Lenetless, is a weird that signifies something cool, or awesome, its a word that can be used as a adgective.
thats soo LENETLESS!!!!
by Kyle Cyrus March 21, 2009
Flow defines, something that is very cool or something that is very un-cool.
flow is a word that signifies how you are feeling, it could mean happy,joyfull,excited,tepremental,angry and much more. Flow mean is like a way of life, it can mean any emotion or feeling.
-That outfit is so flow


-your being pretty un-flow

- your the most flow person i have ever met.
by Kyle Cyrus March 21, 2009