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The first male pink power ranger.

After the disappearance of the Power Rangers, a new generation was sought out and found, they were then knighted; The Phantom Rangers.

Pink Rikki Ranger is the leader of the new generation of phantom rangers.
He aquired the aid of 7 other friends who later became the final colours of the Phantom Ranger group, those being; Red Phantom Ranger, White Phantom Ranger, Black Phantom Ranger, Yellow Phantom Ranger, Green Phantom Ranger and Silver Phantom Ranger.

PRR: "yes...it is i!"
by Kyan Davies October 08, 2006
The speediest member of the superhero group; The Phantom Rangers.

Blue Matt Ranger was one of the final members to join the elite force of the Phantom Rangers.
With his quick speed he was hastily approved to be a shining member.

the Blue Phantom Ranger is usually stereotyped as the brains of the group, but Blue Matt Ranger is far from it!
PRR: "Blue Matt Ranger...It's Phantom Time!!"

BMR: "Correct!!"
by Kyan Davies October 08, 2006
The first female to situate herself among the superhero group; The Phantom Rangers.

Black Emme Ranger acquired her position on the same day Pink Rikki Ranger acquired his leadership position and power.

A girl of supreme intelligence and boisterous attitude, the Black Phantom Ranger fights for what is right!
PRR: "Black Emme Ranger...It's Phantom time!!"

BER: "Understood!!"
by Kyan Davies October 08, 2006
The second female in the superhero group; The Phantom Rangers!

Yellow Casey Ranger acquired the position of Yellow Phantom Ranger through her sheer determination and her idolising of the original Yellow Power Ranger; Trini.

Alongside her fellow rangers, she follows her leaders commands to make Melbourne a safer place for all to live.
PRR: "Yellow Casey Ranger...It's Phantom time!!"

YCR: "Affirmative!!"
by Kyan Davies October 08, 2006
Second in command to Pink Rikki Ranger in the superhero group; The Phantom Rangers.

Red Rocky Ranger not only obtains the same name as the original Red Power Ranger; Rocky, but he also obtains the strength and willpower of that same man.

Using his strength in battle, the Red Phantom Ranger is able to annhilate crowds of enemies at once, with this strength he rids Melbourne of evil.
PRR: "Red Rocky Ranger...It's Phantom Time!!"

RRR: "Right!!"
by Kyan Davies October 08, 2006
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