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2 definitions by Kvegas

The longest known word in most black guy's vocabulary. An adjective/ verb/ noun/ pronoun/ adverb/ adnoun/ etc... The word means basically everything: good, bad, so-so, the cops are coming, i have no tree's, i have the bomb tree's, i'm confused which child is mine, i won the lottery, i need to go to the bathroom, etc... True masters of the language can hold this word out for a minute straight.
1) Kejuan: "Rasheed, did u cop dat bootleg g-unit CD?"
Rasheed: "Shiiiiyyyyyaaaaaat"

2) V. Ice: "Can you rap?"
Juwan: "Shiiiiyyyyyaaaaaat"
by Kvegas February 15, 2008
66 27
Better than "good" and "good shit", or even "good lollipop". It is good to the third degree. Not to be confused with a crap flavored candy on a stick, good shit lollipop (correctly spelled with an "i" not a "y")is a compliment of the highest magnitude.
Ex.1 - Shirley Temple: "It's the good shit lollipop..."

Ex. 2 - Kevin: "Hey Rasheed, that chick had a really monster booty, didn't she?"

Rasheed: "Daaaammmnnnn, that is the good shit lollipop!"
by Kvegas February 15, 2008
17 9