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Used in front of numa, which is Japanese for swamp, in the pre-grunge band Spluii Numa. Spluii, however, has no meaning, and can mean anything, or just be and interjection. Many people have also told me that it sounds like an ejaculation word.
"Dude, you got spluii all over my carpet"

(while jumping of roof)
by Kurdt Kowood October 15, 2004
verb. to draw votes away from a mainstream candidate on a certain side of the political spectrum. Taken from Ralph Nader, who democrats feared would take left-wing votes from Kerry.
They say Badnarik was going to pull a Nader on Bush.

When Jello Biafra ran for mayor in the 80's, I'm sure he pulled a Nader.
by Kurdt Kowood November 20, 2004

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