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A jelly dong which is double ended. It is used specifically to pleasure the vaginal and/or anal orifices of a lady or two ladies simultaneously. It can also be used on gay men.
The phrase is also historicaly used to make fun of the South Asian accent as they traditionally have trouble saying it.
Thats a double ended jelly dong in my sister's closet. Kumar, say it! (followed by laughter)
by Kumar Nahimaputalam February 14, 2006
A word devised by lame and retarded people for easy self-reference.
How about 'lametard'? That sounds cool and that is so us!
by Kumar Nahimaputalam February 14, 2006
Self-deluded self-expression. Also, misuse of the internet.
Danielle has a 'blog' *chuckle*. That bitch is messed up!
by Kumar Nahimaputalam February 14, 2006

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