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2 definitions by KtKrimz

What you call a girl (or boy) with big boobs.
"Hey Tits McGee, how can you see over them mountains?!"
by KtKrimz July 10, 2008
1) An extremely boring, crap town in Bergen County in northern New Jersey where the coolest place to hang out is a Dunkin Donuts.

2) A town where less than fifteen people know how to have a decent, mind-stimulating conversation.

3) What you can use to call any place of complete misery.
"So what should we do in Fair Lawn today guys? I say we pick one of the seven Dunkin Donutses to go to and smoke a cigarette!"

"Dude, I was at Mike's party yesterday, and it was fucking Fair Lawn."
by KtKrimz July 10, 2008