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3 definitions by Krome Kai

Spoh-tss - where a small amount of marijuana is rolled into a ball and then pushed together between two red hot butter knives or flat spoons, that have been pre heated on a gas cooker or stove top
I had less than a dime bag left so i rolled up some spots, heated up the knives and got cut
by Krome Kai September 17, 2003
A dj or turntablist that tends to play music, mainly hip hop, with an extreme and often excessive bass line with the tendency to rattle screws out of walls
that boom shwacker got the rear view mirrors vibrating
by Krome Kai September 17, 2003
a brother from the hood which has found his way into the technology game.. Technology G = Tech G = Tec-G
man, hes got all the smarts up in his cranium, acting like he some Tec-G
by Krome Kai September 21, 2003