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Kroken is a place in norway, were all the cool peoples live. Kroken is not far from Tromsdalen(daln). Everyone from kroken hates people from daln.

Oooh, and yeah. everyone from kroken have a third leg.
Dude1: were u from?
dude2: Kroken
Dude1: wow dude sry for talking to you! dont kill me.
Dude2: whatever.

new born born
GOD DAMN!! see that boys third leg.. he is a realy kroken ganstaaah
by Kroken gangstaaah April 15, 2009
Tromsdalen is a place in norway, were gays and hoes are trying to get laid! Also norways biggest retards are born there.
omg, not TROMSDALEN!
by Kroken gangstaaah April 14, 2009

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