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1.) A rarely performed act of sexual deviation usually following the act of coitus or fellatio in which the male mate strikes his significant other in the eye socket (often referred to as a 'donkey punch'), producing occular contusion. Once significant swelling has occured, the male reaches the height of sexual climax, and proceeds to ejaculate semen into the exposed occular soar. Preferable with a significant other of Bostonian descent.

2.) A circular cake dough, or pie which is filled with cream or custard by splitting or injection, and which is often frosted with milk chocolate.

3.) A tradition originating from the South-Eastern portion of the United States, and most frequently in the areas known as "deep south" where a mentally disparaged member of the white rural deep south (i.e. Redneck, Hillbilly, Hick, White Trash, Honkey, etc.) releases ejaculatory fluids into his/her open palm, and challenges another of his/her kind with a spontaneous slap to the receiver's face.

4.) Anal sex between two partners in which the male engaging in anal penetration makes a conscious effort to coat his penis in the anal receiver's fecal matter, then forces felatio upon the receiver in order to mix ejaculatory fluids and feces to resemble the cream and chocolate of a boston cream pie.
1.) After donkey punching Benjamin Franklin in the eye, Gary let out an ample wad of baby gravy from his "lightning rod" in Ben's eye, making one exceptionally skilled Boston Cream Pie.

2.) "Oh my, this Boston Cream Pie is so savory and delicious, what a sweet treat!"

3.) That had done it, Cletus could no longer stand the insult and the Boston Cream Pie was on Buford's face faster than a jackrabbit jumpin' outta a fryin' pan.

4.) Billy and Susan were feeling dirty, it was time to jazz things up, and Billy knew just the treat for his budding bride's second honeymoon: Boston Cream Pie, his specialty.
by Kristos October 22, 2006

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