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To get your ass kicked REALLY badly. If you got "duffed", you didn't just get punched in the face, hit the floor and kicked once or twice hard... you got hit in the face, hit the ground, then got hit in the face several more times, possibly had your head bashed into the cement, got kicked in the ears, neck, kidneys and various other soft spots on your body.
"Yung, that nigga D-Set laid up in the hospital. He smoked up that whole QP he was fronted by main man and got duffed."
by Krill Awareness March 07, 2006
An accurate description of your mother.
Your mother is a wetback prostitute. Smell ya later, jerkoff. YAMS!
by Krill Awareness December 06, 2006
A term used to describe a woman involved in a healthy romantic relationship with another woman. Can be used plurally to describe two women involved in a lesbian relationship as well.
"Don't even think about talkin' to Jennifer. Bridgette is her soul taco."

"Jennifer and Bridgette are soul tacos."
by Krill Awareness June 09, 2007
A shitty ass, predominately white, upper-class city located in Maryland, just north of Washington, DC.

Anyone who lives there is a rich white douchebag who will treat you like shit if you don't drive a luxury car. The kids there have absolutely no taste and are plastic robots who are completely oblivious to reality.

The funnest and easiest way to piss someone from there off is to tell them "Hey, isn't Chevy Chase that actor?". All locals know where Chevy Chase is, we just do that to piss them off because we hate them.
Anyone who doesn't live there: "Hahahaha! Those cold bammas stay out in Chevy Chase!"
by Krill Awareness April 01, 2009
Slang term for marijuana. It is often used over the telephone as a codeword and is not typically mentioned during face to face conversations.

Pasta can also be used to describe money derived from illegitimate business.
You - "I'm tryina get something to eat."

Drug Dealer - "Word? I know a good place that serves up some nice pasta."

You - "Come through."
by Krill Awareness May 10, 2007

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