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a derogatory term for a German American from southern Indiana, particularly from the town of Jasper, Indiana.
I wonder how much beer those flat heads in Jasper will drink this year at their Strassenfest?
by Kraut Stain March 02, 2010
A small town in Southern Indiana known by the locals as Long Beach Chrisney (LBC). The LBC is filled with bad mother fuckers. These bad mother fuckers tend to drink copious amounts of Busch Light Beer. There have been reports of egregious whiskey drinking as well. Chrisney people are quite different from other breeds of humans. University studies have shown that Chrisney people have Adonis DNA and tiger blood flowing throughout their bodies. This accounts for their winning ways. Random urine tests have shown that Chrisney residents do indeed piss excellence among other things.
Q: Where is "God's country" located?

A: Chrisney, Indiana.
by Kraut Stain March 10, 2011
Noun. Typically a Mexican American male, that although Hispanic in origin, displays several characteristics of a Caucasian (white) American. These characteristics manifest in style of dress (mall style such as American Eagle) and in vernacular (speaking with a Caucasian suburban accent). The Caucexican will conduct himself as a Caucasian in any and all situations never admitting or denying his Hispanic heritage although the Caucexican generally has a very Spanish sounding first and last name (for example, Mario Reyes). The Caucexican will also only date Caucasian women and refer to other Mexican Americans (generally ones with Hispanic accents) as beaners, border jumpers, or wetbacks.
The Caucexican, accompanied by his white companion, approaching a retail store in an African American neighborhood.

Caucexican: "Hey man, if we are the only white people here let's roll."

White guy: "Dude, you're Mexican."
by Kraut Stain April 24, 2010
Noun. This is a code word for shitting your trousers in the workplace. Generally employed in conversation when an unwanted third set of ears is present during a personal conversation about shitting your pants at work. The speaker will tactically say they "had a brownie" which means that they shit their pants accidentally while at work.
X: "Hey Jane, how's your morning been?"
Y: "Well it was going pretty good until around nine I had a brownie."
X: "Damn. A brownie?"
Y: "Yes I had a quart of Miller High Life last night during the game and a pot of coffee to on top of it this morning on the way to work. Sure as hell...that combo lead to my having a brownie when I got here."
by Kraut Stain April 23, 2010
A lesbian that looks like the "D" list actor Steven Seagal.
X: "Holy Shit! Is that Steven Seagal?"
Y: "No dumb ass, that's a bull dyke lesbian dressed like a biker- a lesbian seagal."
by Kraut Stain April 23, 2010
The geographical area in northwest Indiana, near Chicago, where there is a high concentration of douche bags and steel mills. The terrain is generally flat and the locals' accent is off putting. Most individuals from the region suffer severe personal insecurity. This condition will usually manifest itself in an attitude of omni-knowledge on every subject known to mankind coupled with excessively loud talking and a "tough guy" attitude. The insecurity will also take the form of claiming to be from the city of Chicago when actually not. Another trademark of the region is excessive rudeness and horrid service in dining establishments.
Q: Why is that douche wearing a Cubs hat and professing to know something about sports in such a loud and rude manner when he obviously doesn't know what he is talking about?
A: He's clearly from "the region."
by Kraut Stain April 05, 2010

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