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An instrument of death that's light, portable, and capable of traveling long distances when thrown. They also double as coasters, and "bling bling" for rappers like Ja Rule.

Its primary habitats are dumps, supermarkets, and department stores.
I stabbed my arch-nemesis in the armpit with my broken AOL free CD.
by Kraemer0581 July 31, 2006
1. A complete sellout.

2. Owner of Perfecto Records

3. A poineering dj and the force that brought house music to the masses in the UK.

4. A once amazing, now highly overrated dj that has yet to update his severely aged sound

5. The perfect example of what happens to an artist once he/she makes mass amounts of money.
Look at the fine print on "Creamfields: Paul Oakenfold". The track were simply compiled by him, not mixed.
by Kraemer0581 July 31, 2006
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