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A country disliked by surrounding countries, especially Korea. ( Though there are many Koreans who admire and embrace the Japanese culture) Its bad relationship developed from unpleasant past and government problems between the two. It is economically wealthy and traditional or stereotypical Japanese people are known to be quiet and polite on the outside and have quite different feelings on the inside.
I personally believe Koreans should not hate the Japanese people because many just have the wrong idea about Korea and its history. Although, I do hate the government and its actions in the past and present.
Also some people have claimed Korea is like Japan and have copied them, but in truth, Japan has actually stolen many customs of China and Korea.

I apologize for my form of writing. I tried not being too biased but I could not help it.
Current dictator of North Korea. Many evidences show that he is not very popular in N. Korea, whereas his father, Kim Il-Sung was more popular and was pretty much "worshipped" by some Koreans in the past.
I think he's gay. why must he live like that?

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