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A word that Carlos Mencia says a lot.

Audience: LAWL original AND exciting! This is SOOOOOOO funny!!
by Koopa Killer March 14, 2007
A sexual act in which whilst engaged in coitus, the female climaxes and ejaculates (yes, females can ejaculate too) and the man then reinserts his member and begins thrusting again. The name originates because the sound of thrusting inside the wet pussy sounds like the sound of Link's footsteps inside the third dungeon of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Jabu Jabu's Belly.
Guy #1: Aw man I totally Jabu Jabu'd that bitch while we were fuckin last night.

Guy #2: That's gross dude. WTF.
by Koopa Killer March 14, 2007

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