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super awkward. Only used when there is a awkward silence
friend 1- I love to dance with no pants on

Friend 2- uummm...


friend 3- awksock
by KoolKatLOL2 November 13, 2011
Something you say after "awksock."
Person 1: Wow, turtles would look cute with pants and sweaters on!

Person 2: Um, ok.


Person 2: Awksock.

Person 3: Beet feet.
by KoolKatLOL2 November 26, 2011
Beautiful baby boy who pretends to care then comes back for more. You can't ever forget him. He's always on the tip of ya mind. Makes you feel special and like shit at the same time. No one seems to be better than he was to you. But when you go back to him its never like it used to be.
girl 1: ughh
girl 2: what's up w/ you?
girl 1: ughh i don't wanna sound annoying
girl 2: girl please tell me it's not onam
girl 1: ....
by KoolKatLOL2 January 08, 2016
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