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Today's best pop artist known for her hit record The Fame and for her smash hits Just Dance, Poker Face, Lovegame, and Paparazzi. Lady Gaga who real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, was born in Yonkers, New York on March 28th 1986. She is often just called Gaga. She is classically trained in playing the piano. She worked her way up from the bottom, unlike most pop stars today. She was first known as a song writer, but she was always a performer. She writes her own songs, and the themes of her songs are usually about fame and everything that goes with it (mostly positive), love, and having a good time. Although those may be the themes of her songs there are often underlying meanings, that most of the time you will not know the meaning unless you are a real fan of her's. During her live performances and in her music videos, she likes to focus on the art of the show, which many singers do not do anymore. she does not care about money and she puts all of the money she makes into her shows. She loves her fans, and she loves making music. She describes her music as future pop. And loves fame. She also has a unique style of clothing. She is an avid gay rights activist (she's a strong supporter) due to the fact that her first fans were the gay community, and that most of her friends growing up were gay. She reveled that she is a bi-sexual, although she has never fell in love with another woman or had sex with one. She already won many awards for her music.
Lady Gaga was amazing at last night's show. I loved it when she performed Poker Face on the piano.
by KookiesareYummy October 17, 2009

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