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Tootie G is Roscoe Watson's co-host for The Tootie and Roscoe Show. This dude ain't right and it's rumored that he has 8 baby mamas. He has been the "Hype Man"on tour with such acts as The Ying Yang Twins, Miracle, D4L and the list goes on and on. He's been in the game going on 10 years and knows a real from a fake. Tootie's motto is "Throwin' Bow, Fuckin' Hoes and Suckin' Toes".
Have you ever been to www.tootieandroscoe.com? Yea, I was listening to Tootie G on there. He's a cool ass cat. So is his homeboy Roscoe Watson.
by Koo Mo Fresh September 01, 2010

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