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During rear-entrance intercourse; the act of removing the penis from the vagina and then re-inserting it and then re-removing the penis and once again re-inserting it just prior to ejaculation while simultaneously throwing a fist pump and high fiving your partner.
This whore I was banging thought I was done but I decided to throw in the Brett Favre just for kicks.
by Kona Gold September 04, 2009
A confection made of bones in celebration of a canine's birthday.
"My dog turned ten years-old today"
"That's amazing what type of festivity do you have planned?"
"My mom made him a bone cake. He'll love it!"
"Awesome. Everyone knows that bone cakes are every dogs favorite dessert!!!"
by Kona Gold September 08, 2009
Being of a hideous nature physically. Physically unapealing to most of the opposite sex. One who's origins can be traced back to the ugly tree.
I thought there would be hot chicks here but all I see are these shmaff bitches.
by Kona Gold September 04, 2009
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